In addition to my science writing and curation writing, I have done quite a bit of writing for and about games, as well as a number of comics (some of which you can read here!), and most recently prose fiction. If you’re interested in my peer-reviewed research writing, please look at my Publications page.


Straight-up prose fiction is what I’ve been up to most recently with my writing. I am looking for an agent right now, with a focus on my thriller writing. I’ve previously written a bunch of science fiction short stories that I’ll either clean up and submit again or maybe just post here.

So far, I’ve had one short story published.

Package Handed Directly to Resident (in the Wrong Turn anthology)

In this little piece, San Francisco mom Charis Kim has to bust out some old job skills when her son’s preschool graduation gift goes missing. This appears in the Wrong Turn anthology edited by Tanya Eby, which means that you can read it in print, in ebook, or as an audiobook performed by the awesome Suzanne Elise Freeman (hearing my story in audio was awesome).

Wrong Turn anthology – Kindle

Wrong Turn anthology – Audiobook



Inhabit is an all-ages science fiction comic I co-created with James Nguyen. Click here to read the four-page convention mini-comic we put together and the first full issue. Space! Drones! SF action!


Set during the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, Transaction follows bonded courier Dorothy as she attempts to deliver a special package with a group of rogue special operators on her tail. Click here to read the first full issue, with art by Allen Gladfelter.

Stories of the Saints

I contributed several scripts to Stories of the Saints from Arcadius Press (via Layne Morgan Media). Unfortunately the company folded before the stories saw print (but not before they paid me for my work, and their editor was quite nice to work with). The scripts were:

  • Saint Ignatius Loyola
  • Saint Methodius
  • Saint Paul Miki
  • Saint Josaphat
  • Saint Dominic


Apex was my first foray into comic writing, and I was lucky to get to work with Pia Guerra (Eisner-award winning, etc). Apex tells the story of a team of super-powered Federal agents in a world where people with powers are routinely recruited by the government, become celebrities, and occasionally try to topple everything. Click here to read the first issue.

Gaming Columns

In Development
(at ChannelFireball.com, September 2009- September 2013)

In my long-running column for ChannelFireball.com, I wrote about Magic: the Gathering with a touch of scientific analysis, a lot of graphics, and a love of competitive play.

The Field Report
(at StarCityGames.com, November 2010-January 2011)
(at ChannelFireball.com, June 2011-February 2012)

The Field Report was a metagame analysis column I launched at StarCityGames.com and then brought back over to ChannelFireball.com for a time before its content was wrapped back into In Development.

Magazine Articles

I had a run of writing for the independent gaming magazines Pyramid from Steve Jackson Games and Shadis from AEG.

Arm of Decision (Pyramid Magazine, September 2002)
When ‘Mechs Were King (Pyramid Magazine, January 2001)
Review: Cannon Companion (Pyramid Magazine, April 2000)
Review: Man and Machine (Pyramid Magazine, January 2000)
Review: Lightning Strike (Pyramid Magazine, November 1999)
Supporting Cast: Niketas (Pyramid Magazine, November 1999)
Creatures of the Night: Dayuvach (Pyramid Magazine, October 1999)
Review: DarkTown: The Apocalyptic Cycle (Pyramid Magazine, September 1999)
Review: Systems Failure (Pyramid Magazine, August 1999)
Age of Ares (Pyramid Magazine, May 1999)
Doppelganger (Pyramid Magazine, February 1999)
Warehouse 23: Opening Doors and Minds (Pyramid Magazine, January 1999)
Paranoia from the Shadows (Shadis Magazine, November 1998)
Supporting Cast: The Night Shadow (Pyramid Magazine, October 1998)
Creatures of the Night: Malaens (Pyramid Magazine, September 1998)
Race Relations (Shadis Magazine, October 1997)


I contributed material to five different books from Steve Jackson Games.

Liber Reliquarum
Liber Servitorum
GURPS: Villains
GURPS: Who’s Who I
GURPS: Who’s Who II

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