I’m interested in developing approaches that apply novel combinations of existing and new methods to ask questions and hit targets that used to be impossible due to the scale limitations of more traditional methods.


I work at Serotiny, where we are building a protein design platform to make better, smarter, easier multi-domain proteins for therapeutics and as research and industrial tools.



I worked at Zymergen, where we use data science, automation, and biology to “improve the economics of existing products, bring new products to market faster, and develop novel ones.”

Specifically my work included extending the reach of biological manufacturing and helping create our approach to biological design, both for our products business and as part of our work in the DARPA Living Foundries program.

Orphan Enzymes Project

“Orphan enzymes” are enzymes for which we don’t have any sequence data. They’re both a problem and an opportunity. By not having them, our genome annotations get a lot worse, but if we can find sequences for them we can plug the research efforts of thousands of researchers back into modern biology.

Orphan Enzymes Project site

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